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GEt to know muninn

Book a demo 

Curious about how Muninn works? 

We have a team of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists who would
love to talk to you about how Muninn can improve your cybersecurity resilience.

Demo Meeting


Get to know each other

Let's start out by getting to know each other with a short introduction to the participants.

What is your current cybersecurity setup?

What kind of security tools do you use now? Which challenges are you facing and what may you be missing?

How may Muninn improve your cyber resilience

We tell you all about how Muninns works, and how we may be able to help your company.

Is there a match?

Based on our talk we assess whether there is a potential match between your needs and our services.

Next step

If there is a match we ideally set a date for a follow-up meeting (potentially including more stakeholders), where we can dive deeper into Muninn and how a potential setup in our company would work. 

Interesting MATERIALS

Get to know Muninn
before the meeting

As you come here to book a demo, you are probably eager to learn more about Muninn and our services right away.

Therefore, while you wait for the meeting date to approach, you may learn more about Muninn and our approach to cybersecurity by studying some of these ressources.

If any questions arise please bring them forward at the meeting, and our cybersecurity specialist will be happy to elaborate. 

Introduction folder

Front_Product Folder

Product Solutions

Front_Product Solutions_ENG

Technical Whitepaper

Front_Muninn Whitepaper_ENG

Proof of Value Process

Around the office_9_2023
Around the office_13_2023
Around the office_11_2023
Around the office_12_2023
Around the office_5_2023
Around the office_10_2023